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Elephant Safari
Tariff : NRs. 3500 | $ 40.045 + Park Fee
Duration : 1 hour

An Elephant Safari is the classic Chitwan adventure. Up to four guests sit atop a 3 metre high adult elephant, under the guidance of the experienced  maoti.

Getting onto your elephant is easy, climb some wooden steps and from a strong platform step aboard. Once you are safely sitting in the howdah (which has a safety rail and a sturdy post to hold onto), the elephant sets of. It may take a little time to get used the gentle rolling motion, but soon you will be relaxed and enjoying the view.

On your elephant safari, expect to ford rivers, move silently through the trees and grassland, and get up close to wild boar, kingfisher, deer, and rhino.

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Jeep Safari
Tariff : NRs. 2700 | $ 30.89 + Park Fee
Duration : 4 hours

The jeep safari is the best way to get a look deeper Chitwan National Park. For 3-4 hours you can explore a variety of habitats, and get a close look at rhinos,  mugger crocodiles, gharial crocodiles, wild boar and deer.

Expect to get out of the jeep and track rhino on foot at least once during the safari. We also stop to stretch legs, have a drink and visit the crocodile breeding centre.

Up to 7 guests share a vehicle on the Chitwan jeep safari. The jeep is accessed by a short walk from the outskirts of Sauraha. Please avoid wearing white of bright coloured clothing on bring a drink.

Elephant Breeding Centre
Tariff : NRs. 500 | $ 5.72
Duration : 30 minutes - 1 hours

The elephant breeding centre supports the wild and trained herds of Chitwan elephants by ensuring a steady supply of elephant calves.

Expect to see  several cow elephants, and calves of ages from a few days to a few years old. Expect also to be moved - there are few things in Chitwan so endearing as a baby elephant!

It is possible to visit the Chitwan elephant breeding centre as a short trip (I hour), or at the end of the canoe safai (ad another 30 minutes to the canoe trip).

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Crocodile Breeding Centre
Tariff : NRs. 100 | $ 1.14 + Park ticket & jeep safari
Duration :

The Terai Arc Landscape Project Gharial Breeding centre is the place to visit if you want to see crocdiles close up. Although they mainly breed the gharial crocodile which is endangered in Chitwan, you canalso see the fearsome mugger crocodiles in close up too.

Allow at least 30 minutes to look around the breeding centre, to see crocs from a few days old to several years old, when they are ready for release into the wild.

As the crocodile breeding centre is located quite a long way into the Chitwan National Park it is best visited as part of a jeep safari.

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Wildlife Display and Information Centre
Village Walk and Sundowners
Tariff : NRs. 300 | $ 3.43
Duration : 2 - 3 hours

Staring at the gates of Chitwan Adventure Resort,  the village walk takes you through the local Tharu village, where you canlearn about the culture and lives of the hardy Tharu people, who have adapted over generations to survive in the tough Terai climate.

Expect to see traditional Tharu buildings, cooking and clothing – but expect too to see the occasional mobile phone or ipod. The Tharu people are adapting to the 21st century!

The walk continues through Sauraha, where we can stop to visit the National Park Visitor Centre, and a number of small shops that sell local honey (probably the best honey on the world!), wooden animals, elephant dung paper and other souvenirs.

We end the walk with a drink at the western edge of the village, at Sauraha's very own beach bar - watching the sun go down over the river and the forest, before a short jeep ride back to the hotel and dinner.

You are never far from the wildlife in Chitwan, and guest sometimes see snakes, and even Rhino as the sun goes down.

Canoe Safari (Buri Rapti)
Tariff : NRs. 750 | $ 8.58 
Duration : 45 minutes - 1 hours

The shorter of our two canoe safaris takes you alongBuriRapti(the old lady river), and a good chance of seeing crocodiles, kingfisher, serpent eating eagles, monkeys, and other wildlife.

The beauty of the canoe safari is the quiet glide through the water, and the chance to see the river and forest as the crocodile does – from a few inches above the water.

The trip takes 45minutes to one hour and finishes conveniently for the ChitwanHattisar Elephant Breeding Centre.

Walking Safari (Short)
Tariff : NRs 750 | $ 8.58 
Duration : 2 - 3 hours

With our very experienced guides, take a 2 or 3 hour walk through the National Park forest.

There will always be a wide variety of plants and trees, a real sense of the forest atmosphere and smells and sounds that only exist in the Terai jungle.

The animals are more a matter of chance, but we hope to see rhino and leopard, and are always likely to see deer, wild boar, gharial and mugger crocodiles, and a variety of jungle birds.

To have the best chance of seeing the animals, take the guides advice, walk quietly, and wear dark (not white of bright) clothes.


Most people arrive in Chitwan by bus, car, or plane. But how about arriving by river? We can arrange one, two or three night trips. The length of the journey depends on where you get onto the River.

Tharu Culture and Dance
Tariff : NRs. 300 | $ 3.43
Duration : 45 minutes-1 hours

The Tharu people have a culture unlike any other in Nepal, and they welcome visitors to Chitwan to join in an evening of song and dance to celebrate their lives and community.

The famous Tharu stick dances, and the crazy peacock dance are two highlights, but there are plenty of other surprises. Expect to be invited to join in the dancing, as the evening reaches it's climax.

The dancing takes place in a special community hall, newly improved with air conditioning added to make the evening more enjoyable in the hot season.

Tharu Museum
Tariff : NRs. 1500 | $ 17.16
Duration : 2-3 hours

For guests who want to understand more about the local Tharu people, and the history of the Terai region, the Tharu Museum is a must.

Celebrating the culture and community that has existed in this part of Nepal since long before there was a National Park, the museum is a great source of information.

he cost and timing depends on how we get to the museum. We can do the trip by jeep - but travelling by ox cart or pony cart gives a feel for more traditional forms of transport.

National Park Visitor Centre
Tariff : NRs. 400 | $ 4.57

Combine with village walk no extra cost

Motorbike Hire

Motorbike hire can be arranged by the hour or by the day at reasonable rates. Riding around Sauraha is not so risky as riding in (or between) the big cities of Nepal – you are more likely to encounter a buffalo than a road hog, but pleased do check your travel insurance before setting off to explore Sauraha on a hired motorbike. Many insurance companies do not cover you as a rider or passenger on a hired bike.

Night Stay in Jungle on Tower
Tariff : NRs. 5000 | $ 57.21
Duration : 15 + hours

See jungles at dusk and at dawn – animals; animals graze & relax; take dinner(return to hotel for breakfast)

Elephant Football and Elephant Races
Tariff : Free

Every December sees the Chitwan Elephant Festival, featuring elephant races, elephant football, elephant decoration, and much more elephant related japery!

Dates vary each year, but the festival is usually between Christmas and New Year in the Julian calendar.

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